The Inspiring Weight Loss Journey Of Veer Actor

Fat to fit stories of your favourite actors are always inspiring and can even prove to be the motivation one needs to get one’s life back on track. We are here to talk about yet another actor who aced the fitness journey from fat to fit.

Remember Zareen Khan, who was introduced to Bollywood by Salman Khan in the movie Veer? Although her screen appearances may have declined a bit over the years, she has indeed managed to impress us with some memorable roles. Zareen, who celebrates her 35th birthday on May 14, has had an incredible weight loss journey, which we bring to you here.

She may be in top shape today but according to media reports, she once weighed 113 kilos. She had to face a lot of body shaming in her initial days, with jibes and taunts directed toward her body shape. According to media reports, her parents separated when she was in 12th grade, putting additional responsibilities on her at a young age. She wanted to be an air hostess at the time.

However, she faced rejection and ridicule when she tried to make a career out of it as everyone said that a woman with her figure could not become an air hostess. That is when she made up her mind to be fit and her journey began.

Zareen Khan said that she did not have enough money at the time to seek the advice of a dietitian. So, she resorted to Google. She followed different diets given on the internet and also started rigorous workouts. The result is her stunning figure today.

According to the actor, she followed a keto diet and often undertook intermittent fasting. She also suggests drinking lots of water during workouts to lose weight, even if one does not feel thirsty.

On the work front, Zareen Khan recently appeared in a music video, Eid Ho Jayegi, alongside Bigg Boss fame Omar Riaz.

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