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The issue of hair fall is faced by most of us. Be it due to stress or due to the weather or not being able to take out time to take care of our hair, we all go through the issue of hair fall. Long, shiny and lustrous hair is the dream of many, but the route of achieving it is hurdled with hair fall issues. Sometimes hair fall is not just because of the dust or the weather that the hair is exposed to, but can be due to several factors such as the lifestyle and the nutrition that the body is provided with.

Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee, who keeps sharing health-related information on her Instagram profile on a daily basis, shared a few tips and tricks related to hair fall. Anjali’s Instagram profile is replete with information on fitness, nutrition and health. A day back, Anjali addressed the issue of hair fall and noted down two natural remedies in order to curb the same.

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Brahmi oil: Anjali wrote that Brahmi oil should be massaged on the scalp in a circular motion from the crown to the entire skull. The oil should be left on the scalp for minimum two hours, or prefarably overnight. Brahmi oil comes with significant benefits for hair. It helps in treating stress-induced hair fall. It also helps in preventing hair fall by blocking the DHT at the hair follicles. Brahmi oil also nourishes the hair by enhancing blood circulation in the scalp.

Aloe Vera: “Aloe Vera has a similar chemical makeup to that of Keratin (the primary protein of hair),” stated Anjali. She further added that the pulp from the stalk of the Aloe Vera should be extracted and applied to the scalp and hair. It should be allowed to be on the scalp for around 45 minutes, before rinsing with normal water. Anjali recommended Aloe Vera hair massage thrice a week. Aloe Vera helps in maintaining the shine of the hair and repairing the split ends. It also helps in breaking down dead skin in the scalp and prevent clogging of hair follicles.

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