Abandoned House Teeming with Crawly Scorpions is the Stuff of Nightmares

If you are frightened at the sight of a mere lizard on your house’s wall, then this video of a scorpion-infested abandoned house will surely send shivers down your spine. The clip was uploaded on Reddit by a user where a person captured the nightmare on the camera. “Guy finds thousands of scorpions in an abandoned house,” the caption read.

The video starts to show an unoccupied house completed inundated with scorpions. From the walls, floor, to ceiling, it appears as if the scorpions have claimed the land as their own. As the person pans the camera, it is seen that the creepy crawlers have made it to every corner of the house. Although the location of the abandoned house remains unknown, the owner could have a hard time if he tries to occupy it again.

The terrifying video was upvoted more than 33,900 times on Reddit while prompting the users to flock to the comment section.

According to one viewer, the video was not “ODDLY terrifying” but a pure example of a scary nightmare. For another, he had to turn on the lights of his room, making sure some crawler is not making its way into his room. “Same here 3:34 am,” another chimed in. One user even wrote that the house was no longer abandoned and had been occupied by the insects.

One curious user suggested an amusing way to utilise the opportunity and wrote “Someone should take a video of this under an ultraviolet light.” For those who didn’t get the idea, most scorpions tend to glow when illuminated by ultraviolet light or even natural moonlight.

The invertebrates appear to glow blue-green in colour when seen in the UV light especially in dark. Although it is not clear how scorpions are benefited from glowing, there are many hypotheses explaining the reason. While some say that their glow confuses the prey and helps them in hunting while others believe that they recognise each other through the fluorescent glow.

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